Lodge L8SGP3 Preseasoned Square Grill Pan Review

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Using a cast iron grill is considered the best way to cook meats inside. The Lodge L8SGP3 Pre-Seasoned Square Grill Pan has some great features and is a workable size at 10.5 inches.

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The grill is solid cast iron with large grooves in the center and is made to cook restaurant quality foods in your own home. The benefits of using this Lodge Square Grill Pan may just take your cooking to the next level and enhance the dishes your able to make.
Features & Price:

The Lodge Square Grill Pan has a shipping weight of seven pounds, which makes it a heavy duty cooking aid. The full deep rivets on the bottom of the pan will allow your food to be cooked without simmering in the excess juices. This will provide leaner meats that taste better, and give the meat perfectly placed grill marks. Although the grooves are harder to clean out, the benefit of having them for taste, healthiness and aesthetics are worth the effort. There are special tools you can buy additionally from Lodge, to clean it out efficiently.
Cast iron pans distribute heat evenly throughout the pan, and the 10.5 inch model provides all corners of the pan to get cooked as well. The pan at first just needs to be slowly heated up in order to prevent it from getting too hot, too quick, leading to it cracking. Other than at first, cast iron can be heated up as hot as you need it. The bottom and walls of the pan are solid and thick cast iron, and can withstand very hot temperatures.
The pre-seasoned feature will allow a cook to start cooking with more ease, as it makes the pan ready to use. The electrostatic spray of vegetable oil evenly baked into the surface, will prevent food from sticking and burning to the pan. Usually a cast iron pan needs to be seasoned over time to have this feature and not have the food stick, so the pre-seasoned feature is very helpful.
Cooking with this Lodge L8SGP3 Square Grill Pan will lead you and family to eating out less, therefore pay for itself with the money saved. For the price of a dinner for two, $29.95, you can have a quality cast iron pan that will last for a life time with a little care.
Final Evaluation:

Considering the affordable price and the great features, this Lodge Square Grill Pan is a wonderful choice for the serious cook. There is no shortcuts for a quality tasting meal, and using this pan will give restaurant quality food that looks great and is healthy too. Many people agree with me, as this product has 4.5 stars out of 5, with over 500 reviews on Amazon.
One more feature that'll help make this Lodge Square Grill Pan your favorite, is the ability to hang it up after your done using and cleaning. The holes in the handle and the front of the pan make it easy to store on a wall hanger by the stove. Take your cooking to the next level and get a pan you can master cooking with, for this price you won't regret getting your own Lodge L8SGP3 Pre-Seasoned Square Grill Pan.

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